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This pic has a very special history.  It was done when the doctors last year said that my dear mother might have less than a week to live.  I painted her as Sam and myself as Frodo, standing together at the edge of eternity.  

There were so many strange feelings going through me when I was working furiously on this pic while Mom lay nearby, barely alive.  I alternated between working on the painting to ease my own tremendous stress, and lying on the foot of her bed with her, holding her legs as she suffered. The cancer had closed her throat almost completely, and if the proton beam therapy didn't work, she was going to die by strangulation. I remember repeatedly thinking that the picture should have a white ship, but if it had a white ship, she would surely sail on.

When the proton beam worked, they rang bells for her.  :)

(Story posted with Mom's permission)

Sam and Frodo at the edge of eternity
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 OMG thinking of those poor people trapped in the building and those who have lost everything!  How horrible!  :(  

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 A walk with friends through an enchanted land...  :)  

EDIT:  Posted now on AO3 for those who can't seem to view it here on Dreamwidth.  Please do let me know if you can view it over there  :)  

A walk through Middle Earth

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I'm very tired this week, so I'm taking the easy route and just posting an older picture I want to archive.  For what it's worth, here is a very large acrylic painting I did around 1984.  The canvas is about 36 inches wide, and it features King Aragorn with two of his retainers.  I am not certain, but I may have intended them to be the sons of Elrond.   At any rate, while I am not impressed by this composition, I remember with fondness the fun I had making it, especially creating all those dandelion-inspired flowers in the grass!  ^_^

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Not having a lot of disposable funds, but wanting to continue my fun hobbit collecting spree, I recently purchased the Deluxe Poseable action figures made by Toybiz.  They came as a set, each new in his box, for $20 inclusive of shipping.  The cheap price and the fact these are still easy to find allowed me to immediately remove them from the constriction of their packages and turn them loose to play!  :D

Frodo and Sam by Toybiz

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As Frodo sleeps in Ithilien, Sam contemplates his beloved friend.

Frodo sleeping in Ithilien
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Captured by orcs, Frodo and Sam struggle through Mordor disguised as soldiers of Sauron's army. 

I am happy with this artwork.  It was made during an intense 48-hour period during which I did nothing but paint, eat, and sleep.  By the time I was done my eyes were almost swollen shut and I was exhausted, but I felt it was worth it.  

This scene has always resided very vividly in my imagination.  When I was being bullied in high school and crushed against the lockers in the press of bodies in the crowded hallways, I never failed to flash back to the image of those poor hobbits, tormented by orcs.  

Frodo and Sam captured by orcs


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