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2015-12-04 11:28 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: Welcome to the Heart of the Matter!

Hello and Welcome! to this journal, devoted to my ongoing artistic relationship with the inspirational characters from "The Lord of the Rings."

I first read Tolkien's masterpiece when I was very young and in need of it without knowing, and it transported me into a world of love and grief and hope and beauty that I have never left behind. Even now that I am well into middle age, with thousands of books under my belt, the only other works I have read with which I am willing to compare it are sections of the Mahabharata and certain stories from the Puranas-- stately and ancient Sanskrit works of extreme beauty and power.

Since I first read the book I have been working on LOtR fan art, made only for my personal satisfaction, because I simply cannot help myself. There's just too much beauty in the story; I had to start painting or burst! While I have appreciated all of the various movie and television versions, my art has always been based solidly on the original book and my personal extrapolations from it, and most of it features Frodo and Sam, the dear companions of my youth, as I have envisioned and re-envisioned them over the years. Now, at this stage of my life, it's finally time to share the results of that long and wonderful journey. I hope you like it. 

Why Frodo and Sam? Why not the dashing Aragorn, or the ever-popular Legolas? Because the hobbits are the heart of the matter! Frodo and his gallant gardener are not the biggest, or the strongest, or the smartest, or the most handsome characters in the "Lord of the Rings." But they are by far the most courageous, and in some unexpected ways. Indeed, as Elrond informs them, the difficult task they face together, that we all face every day we live in this Middle-Earth, may be attempted by the weak as well as by the strong. The ultimate human conflict cannot be won by force of arms, but by the heart alone.

Empathy, compassion, unconditional love and selfless service-- the ability to recognize others as part of one's self, the ability to support our friends to the last breath and have mercy on those who betray us-- these defeat the evil of the human ego when it has grown too big. In Tolkien's world the planet Venus, our Star of Love, is Eärendil's Star, the Star of High Hope!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my little corner of Middle-Earth, however brief it may be. 'The Rules' are simple and commonsense. Everyone is welcome here, no exceptions. Diverse opinions are encouraged. Everyone has their own version of what Tolkien means to them and these versions can be very different. This is the mark of a great, enduring book which can withstand the test of time and apply itself to whatever human circumstance.  So be courteous.  Flaming and hate posts will be removed. And please don't hotlink to my fanart, but rather to the home page.

DISCLAIMER:  This website is my personal, non-commercial, artistic journal and NOT an official "Lord of the Rings" site, and it is NOT affiliated in any way with any official LOtR rights-holders.  I do not own any of these characters; they were created by J.R.R. Tolkien. The artworks and commentary posted here are a labor of love, not for profit, and intended to express my admiration for Tolkien's books and to encourage others to read and study the Professor's original works. 

Below:  "Imaginary Friends." 

     When I was a kid I would camp out under the stars with my invisible hobbit friends.
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2015-12-04 08:42 pm
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2017-05-26 06:58 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: "But I Love Him, Whether Or No"

As Frodo sleeps in Ithilien, Sam contemplates his beloved friend.

Frodo sleeping in Ithilien
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2037-12-14 07:08 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: "And Then I Said..."

Frodo captivated by Sam's heartfelt description of him in Ithilien. 

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2017-07-23 11:27 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: And... "Arrival"

Frodo and Sam reunited at last in the Blessed Realm.  :)  

The little empty rowboat symbolizes Sam's life in Middle-Earth, which he has now left.  The glowing orbs represent various Valar, Maiar, and maybe even some Ainur, appearing out of the void to witness this extraordinary event.  


I'd like to acknowledge here the incredible artistry of Meshbox, who crafted the geometry of the elven sailing ship.  

Frodo and Sam reunited in the Blessed Realm
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2037-12-13 11:46 pm
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This is not an attempt at 'illustrating the story' but rather a depiction of Frodo's departure as my heart sees it.  Frodo departs the world as Sam looks on.  Sam's skimpy clothing reflects the nakedness of the emotions he is feeling, as well as his absolute loss.  


Frodo departs this world as Sam looks on
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2017-09-15 11:18 am

My first YouTube video-- how I made 'The Watchers!'

I recently got an inexpensive computer microphone to do audio crowdwork jobs with, and I've used it to cobble together a short documentary about how I typically make my images!  I marked it unlisted so it won't show up on YouTube searches, but I've embedded it below.  I hope it's not too boring!  :D 

While searching for free background music for my video, I encountered an awesome site called Bensound.com.  This person has posted loads of first-rate original music under a Creative Commons - Attribution type of license.  Check this out if you need some excellent free music!  :)  

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2017-09-09 04:50 pm

"The Two Watchers"

 I've always loved the Watchers, they are the creepiest things!  I was so disappointed when the movies didn't cover them!  I had assumed Peter Jackson would have a field day with them, but as it stands the best movie treatment of them remains the Rankin-Bass animation.  Anyway, this illustration is brand new-- it seemed the right subject matter for the mood that's taken me of late. 

I made the Watchers in Carrara out of a slightly modified gargoyle mesh.  The eyes were programmed with a glow shader.  I used my older 7th-gen hobbit models in this image, so there was quite a bit of hand painting involved to correct all the errors.  I also used some fog and light Photoshop brushes.  My favorite aspect of this scene is the look of sheer defiance Sam's giving those Watchers!   :)  

The Two Watchers

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2017-08-29 10:22 pm
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A Couple More Ambient Atmospheres :)

Making these is so relaxing, and not difficult at all!   Thanks again, Febobe!  :D

Here are two versions of Tol Eressea for your pleasure:  

#1 has a solemn yet ethereal melody which is derived from a stock music clip on the Ambient Mixer site.

#2 features a loop of my own music set against the same environmental sounds.  I'm not sure which of these I like the best, but both atmospheres were of course assembled with Sam and Frodo in mind, walking slowly along some peaceful beach in the Uttermost West.  :)  

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2017-08-29 02:58 pm
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"In the Fields of Valinor" Harp Piece, Revisited

Thinking about all those poor folks displaced by Harvey, and their furry friends too  :(  Our problems here are so trivial compared to that ongoing disaster.  

Crowd work tends to be slower over the summer months, so, trying to engage in something new as a distraction from my worries, I decided to explore a freeware called LMMS the other day. This is a free and very comprehensive software package for a home music studio.  I am really impressed by it and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to make music.  

The sound sample library it ships with is enormous and the samples are of high quality.  Using a combination of "Plucked Strings 3" and "Moonlight Piano" I was able to more or less duplicate the voice of my currently broken harp, Edelweiss.  Then I got into the sequencer and found out how easy it is to enter music using its "Piano Roll" method.  This is something anyone can use to compose with, even if they don't know much about notation.  Anyway, I finally decided to try recording my "Frodo in Valinor" piece which I posted here in sheet music form some weeks ago.  

It worked pretty well.  I did change some notes, as I didn't like what the synth did to the bass 5ths as well as several of the chords.  Ironically the software's automation track, which is easier to use than I would have believed, helped me add some humanity to the playback, though not nearly enough yet IMHO.  Still, even though this is very amateurish and only my first attempt using LMMS, it will at least give an idea of what the song is supposed to sound like  ^_^

I chose not to embed this file, just posted it here on my cousin's server.  My web browser (Opera) automatically starts playing the file when I click on the link, so I'm hoping this will work for you, too.  If too many people can't play the file, however, I'll post it on SoundCloud, so let me know  :)  

Oh yes, (for Febobe especially) I did post a loop from this on AmbientMixer.com, which is one of the neatest audio websites I have ever seen!  It's under "Music--Synth" as "Valinorean Fields Harp."  That website has close to a hundred beautiful Tolkien-inspired atmospheres, including one remix by me!  :D  


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2017-08-20 07:42 am
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"Thinking of You--" Anime Sam

It's been a very stressful week for us here on the Fruit Fly Farm, with more to come, so I set aside my movie work and took a few hours yesterday to relax with our hobbit friends back in the Shire  :)  All my tension just melted away as I attempted to capture some of the sweetness and innocence of our beloved Sam!  

Making this was very interesting.  I wanted to explore how some of the newer CG technology might apply to my hobbit pictures, so I took my previous version of Sam and gave him an anime-style makeover.  His eyes and surfaces were all replaced with updated materials, including a highly detailed skin which is derived from photographs of a real person, and his hair (while never really being curly enough) is now dynamic, so it can blow with the wind! 

This render is unretouched-- no hand painting was needed.  

Sam in the garden looking wistfully on
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2017-08-13 08:07 pm

"The Hobbiton Dragon, Part 3"

 Maybe I can post the last two pages at the same time...  ^_^;

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2017-08-13 12:05 pm

"The Hobbiton Dragon, Part 2"

 ...And of course, the cut tag actually worked on my first entry, after I was convinced it hadn't!  Let's see if it will work on page 2:

EDIT:  It did!  The last two pages are much the best-- I'll post them tonight  ^_^  

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2017-08-13 11:46 am

"The Hobbiton Dragon, Digital Edition" Part One ;)

So I was sitting here this morning, aching and still exhausted from laying floor tiles yesterday in Mom's bedroom (I get to do more today, yay!)  My graphics software is mostly tied up doing some digital props for my cousin's new movie, and the majority of my analog fanworks are stuck in the back of a bookcase which is currently buried behind another bookcase to make room for me to lay the new floor.  I was about to despair of having anything to cough up for this journal when I saw an old peechee sitting on yet another bookcase in the closet.  I picked it up and found this inside!  :D  

I made this about 20 years ago, when word processing was still a new and wondrous world, so my main focus here really wasn't the content, but the sheer joy of moving whole blocks of text around the page.  It mixes fandoms, and the first two pages aren't that funny, but I kind of find my stride by page 3.   Favorite idea:  Gandalf as a Time Lord, attending kindergarten with Tom Baker  :D  

The cut tags aren't working for me at all this morning, so making more than one post.  Sorry, I'll try to spread them out...

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2017-08-06 11:52 am

Review-- "There and Back Again" by Toybiz

 Well, it's that time of summer when we're all scrambling (no matter how slowly) to prepare for the rest of the year.  I am currently hip-deep in too many projects-- putting new floor tiles in the master bedroom at the farm and setting up to clean and paint (with help from friends) my mother's darling "Crickhollow" cabin-- when I haven't been just laying around under the AC trying to survive the heat and smoke that's been plaguing our neck of the woods for a week now.  So I haven't been spending much time looking through my fanworks for stuff to post.  
That will change as fall progresses, but for now, I'll make do with posting a photo of the Wonderful hobbit set I was recently given by my dear Mother as a special birthday gift!  
Being based in the bookverse, and so often oblivious to what's going on in the wider world, I realize I'm just a little late to the party when it comes to reviewing some of these movie-based LOTR toys; but maybe it can still be useful.  
"There and Back Again" is carefully crafted to appeal to fans of both the books and the films.  The five hobbit "action figures" are adorable-- first Frodo in a lovely grey brocade with his hair neatly combed back, then Sam in his very best homespun.  Bilbo is nestled in the center of the group with a bright grin on his face, dressed finely but plainly; and lastly, Merry and Pippin, both dressed in their best.  All five hobbits are ready for a night out on the town!  A little journal is included which is designed to look like the Red Book.  
The background of the display box is a lovely photographic panorama of the Shire.  And I like the arrangement of the hobbits in their display; particularly I like the idea of Sam being tucked cosily among the Bagginses, where he belongs.  The star on the cover of the Red Book journal is just behind them and over their heads, and I find this a very thoughtful touch.  
On the back of the box is a map of the travels of all five hobbits, with a detailed legend.  I actually learned a couple of small things as I examined this  map.  The packaging is very sturdy and makes its own display case.
In conclusion, this play set is beautifully thought out and deserves an AAA rating.  It would work very well as a grand prize in fannish contests.  As for what I'll do with mine, well, I'll put it on the shelf and be careful to dust it off once in awhile, and even unopened it will be a source of enjoyment for years to come!  :)  

There and Back Again hobbit figure set
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2017-07-30 11:43 pm
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LOTR Music Review #2: "Lord of the Rings" by Legacy Entertainment

 As most of us already know, the Professor's written work has so permeated the culture that references to it abound absolutely everywhere.  All a person has to do is to keep their eyes and ears open, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of music.  There are literally hundreds of musical recordings out there which are based on Tolkien's works and characters, and quite a few of them are epic and well worth collecting.  Nevertheless, most professionally published fan music only obliquely references its source, so most LOTR-based recordings, with some exceptions, are more circumspect than this ambitious 2004 album.

Perhaps because of the boldness of its title, no performer's names or other identifying features are listed on the CD flyer except for "Jason Bouwman Illustration," which designed the cover art-- there isn't even a publisher's address.   But the performers on this disc are highly inspired professionals, and include an acoustic guitarist, a pianist/synth player, a drummer, vocalists, an impressive choir and at least one very good composer.  
The disc, which is not available as a download, is composed of ten tracks.  EDIT:  The disc IS available as a download, here!  Thanks, [personal profile] filkferengi !
1.  "Sing Hey"  This beautiful piece reminds me of Rivendell, with a capable singer, and an acoustic guitar performing lovely chords which evoke the "sehnsucht" recently described to some of us by [personal profile] sartorias -- the emotion of deep longing which we feel while witnessing great beauty.  An interesting interlude in the midst of the piece contrasts with the rest, sounding a bit like Gollum creeping past an otherwise lovely scene.
2.  "Gandalf"  begins with a choir singing in a style totally befitting this character's power, majesty and dignity-- perhaps illustrating his origin as one of the Maiar.  Then synthesizers, electric guitars and drums enter the picture, and we are given a tense, action-filled overview of the wizard's adventures.  A lingering interlude with a female choir suggests his healing in Lorien, and this is followed by an unusually jazzy moment of gloom-and-doom before he sets out again on his epic journey.
3.  "Fog on the Barrow Downs" begins with a tentative, contemporary synth composition which segues into a bit of slightly dated soft rock.  Then comes a pleasant, rollicking medieval interlude, played on period instruments, which reminds me of Bree.  Modern instruments eventually enter to strengthen the backbone of the melody, but before long we've left town and are on the road again, accompanied by the same synthesizers with which we began.  
4.  "I Sang of Leaves of Gold" features the same singer and guitarist who we heard on the first track, making it easy to visualize Galadriel wandering among the trees of Lorien.
5.  "Ever On and Ever Goes the Road" is a piece my Frodo/Sam "radar" finds extremely interesting.  (I could write an entire essay on "plausible deniability" regarding the treatment of my favorite pairing by fan music-- and maybe someday I will.)   Anyway, this composition sounds like them to me, as they begin their long march down to Mordor and beyond from the heights of the Emyn Muil.  It's quite unusual, consisting of a long, call-and-response "conversation" between two synthetic violins superimposed over a steady synth pedal which unambiguously illustrates weary marching feet.  (Violins are a favorite among fan musicians when they wish to illustrate the sweetness of Sam and Frodo.)  There are a few brief moments of discord, and many lovely displays of harmony; times when their melodies run parallel to one another, and times when they despair; and the piece is long enough to be quite satisfying.  Though (by design) it is not particularly beautiful or flashy, by the music's end I always feel as though I have been honored to have had such an intimate journey with these, the most humble of heroes.  
6.  "The Riders of Theoden"  Probably the weakest track on the disc, this composition still begins impressively enough with the choir and the sounds of a horse running in circles.  A grating synth entering the background does not appeal, but this quickly turns into a lively keyboard composition representing great deeds.  Then back to the choir we go for more drama.
7.  "Annon Edhellen"  This exquisite composition tends to bring tears to  my eyes, and is rich in the aforementioned "sehnsucht."  It's the one I can't forget, and it is the most beautiful composition on this disc.  I don't know which part of LOTR the composer was thinking of when this was written-- perhaps they were thinking of several scenes at once, or the beauty of the book in general.  But when I listen to this, I see Frodo and Bilbo standing at the prow of their swan ship, laying their eyes on that "far green country" beyond the Sundering Seas for the very first time.  And the final chord does not return to the root, but leaves us hanging, for the road goes ever on...
8.  "Party at Bag End"  And do hobbits know how to party!  This piece begins with the eager anticipation of a chatting crowd, quickly adding a touch of sparkly chimes and a magic flute before diving into a robust, rollicking, vaguely medieval-sounding celebration.  But a thread of tension runs through this celebration, as though it is to be taken more seriously than it appears.  At its climax we are having a blast, with a rock-and-roll band showing us this is one heck of a party;  but a brief interlude of plucked strings and flute also illustrates someone tiptoeing out the door...  
9.  "One Ring"  The disc's second weakest composition, this piece has a strong melody but IMHO suffers at the beginning from a mishmash of instrumentation, including a synth that almost sounds like a light saber.  Still, much of it stands strongly, so your mileage may vary.  The tune at its height is very dramatic.  
10.  "Bilbo's Song"  is haunting and lovely, a beautiful, sad, sehnsucht-filled  melodic collaboration between a very good saxophone player and an equally good pianist.  It's too bad we may never find out who the performers were.  
Overall, I would give "Lord of the Rings" a solid A+.  However, be advised that this piece is not as rarified as the lofty works by the Tolkien Ensemble, or "In Elven Lands."  This is lovely and innovative pop music.  I consider it an important part of my collection.  

As far as I can tell, the disc has two editions, with different cover art for each.  It is not overly easy to locate and may require some online searching.  The only way to positively I.D. it is to check the track listings.  I've seen it on several big name websites at wildly varying prices; I got mine from eBay for $1.99.  

EDIT:  Here is a photo of my edition, to aid in identification.  

Album cover
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2017-07-26 11:08 pm
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AO3, OTW, and a Simple Question Needing to be Answered

Now that I am finally gathering my LOTR artwork all in one place here, I've also been posting much of it on AO3.  This has got me thinking of the future.

AO3 hosts text, but not images, and Dreamwidth does not offer enough image hosting space for me to make any real use of it.  So all of this is dependent on my images being hosted by my generous cousin's server.  If that ever goes down, and someday it will, my art goes with it.  

I have backups, of course, on site and elsewhere in the cloud, so I can rebuild my digital galleries, but that's not the problem.  What I need to know from AO3 is if they have a physical archive at one of their participating colleges where I can send a Blu-Ray disc, to ensure my fanart is preserved over time by people who know what fanart is and care about it.  Not because I think it's so brilliant, but just because it's something I've put so much time and love into.  

Unfortunately, when I asked this question of the AO3 staff, they gave me the helpful, but completely misguided answer of instructions on how to embed my images in a web page.  But if I didn't know how to do that already, I wouldn't be posting on AO3, right?  ;)

So the other day I went to the OTW, of which I am a member, and emailed them about it.  No answer so far.

Many of you friendly folk are also posting on AO3, so I thought I would ask you instead.  The OTW does have a physical archive for print zines.  Do any of you know if they have a physical archive for things like digital art?  

EDIT:  I finally got a reply from the OTW.  Here is what they said:

'Thank you for reaching out to the Open Doors Committee with your question. Unfortunately, although we're aware of the need for this type of preservation, we're not equipped at this time to preserve digital fanworks in a physical archive. In the meantime, there is information available in the AO3 Posting and Editing FAQ about approved sites for hosting multimedia files if you'd like to protect your fanart by backing it up in multiple places.'

I'm currently checking out the Internet Archive at archive.org (Home of the Wayback Machine.)  I'm not yet certain what their official policy on fanfic/fanart is, but they are the Internet Archive after all...  

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2017-07-08 07:58 am

"Off the Bridge Quick!"

After they escape the tower of Cirith Ungol, Sam and Frodo are forced to jump off a bridge, but in the darkness they can't see what's underneath.   It's a classic 'leap of faith' and I'm surprised I don't see more depictions of this memorably terrifying moment. 

Frodo and Sam jump off a bridge
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2017-06-29 08:55 pm

NSFW (Artistic nudity) "Bath Time in Ithilien"

 G rated, but in these strange times it also may not be safe for work.

This is my second attempt at this scene; the first failed miserably when I put the subjects too far away from the camera.  I like this version better, except that the rock, just under the water, which they are supposed to be sitting on is not very visible.

I adore JRRT's flower language as he introduces us to the fair land of Ithilien, though I don't think the roses were actually supposed to be blooming this early in the spring. Also, the 'lake' is a little small compared to the description in the book.  :)  

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2017-06-24 06:36 pm

While we're on the subject of music... :)

 Here's a 25-year-old photo of me and my Tyrolean harp, Edelweiss, all ready to go to a gig.  :) 

Me and my harp

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2017-06-23 11:24 am

Tolkien Music Review #1: "In Elven Lands" 2nd Edition, CD & MP3

There are so many aspects of Tolkien I enjoy, including collecting as much Tolkien-based music as I can find.  Still, despite my having been a music tutor and psychomusicology major in the distant past, the thought of doing LOTR-related music reviews didn't cross my mind until a couple of days ago, when I finally purchased the MP3 version of the title above.  It's a knockout. 

There have been many attempts at making 'authentic' Middle-Earth music, but this is one of the best.  Described by the creators as "the fully realised music of an ancient, lost civilization," it was recorded over a period of seven years in what can only be regarded as an intense labor of love.  A deep academic study of Tolkien's words, languages, and his works as a whole is very apparent throughout these compositions.  
Absent the booklet which no doubt contains crucial information, I can still try to describe this awesome music.  First, there is a preponderance of excellent vocal and choral pieces, including "Namárië," which is basically a Latin mass sung in Elvish-- stunning!  
In addition to the most professional-sounding vocalists I've heard in awhile, many period instruments are flawlessly played here to create pieces which sound alternately medieval and modern.  A fascinating and utterly mesmerizing work titled "Elo Elleth" is a world music combination of medieval English and Indian folk music with soft rock, all played on period instruments and accompanied by strong percussion.  
"The Longbottom Leaf" is Hobbit music for sure, but of a way different calibre than the norm.  Unlike more common depictions, it is neither cute nor particularly beautiful; it is instead the serious, no-nonsense instrumental music of a determined people.  
"Beware the Wolf" is perhaps the darkest piece on the album, although "The Silver Bowl" gives it a run for its money.  It refers to Carcharoth, the Wolf of Angband, and is sung as a folk ballad with medieval influence.  
"Creation Hymn" is a lovely piece using medieval overtones but incorporating some modern chords; however, to me, it feels a little too lighthearted to fully represent the creation of Arda.  
"The Battle of Evermore" is a profound rearrangement of the famous Led Zeppelin song which intrigued me as a kid, but ultimately left me baffled.  I still don't particularly connect with the song, but this version of it is an improvement.  
"The Evening Star" is the star of the entire album, and is all but guaranteed to produce the sweetest of tears.  This crushingly beautiful, sad song has haunting lyrics and a lovely, stately melody, and refers to the flight of Eärendil, the Evening Star.  While perfect for Elwing and Eärendil, it makes sure to cover all of Tolkien's characters who have lost dear friends, family and lovers to the Sundering Seas.  It works beautifully for Frodo and Sam, and it is so applicable to our own lives as well.  This beauty is easily worth the price of the entire album and went immediately onto my permanent playlist. 
And finally, the simple, rustic instrumental "Terra Beata" takes us down from those unsustainable heights and back to daily life.  
Altogether this gem of an album comprises 19 generous tracks for over an hour of satisfying listening, and is available as an  instant download for $8.99 on Amazon.  Alternatively, single tracks can be purchased for 99 cents each.  
NOTE:  When I purchased the album, the full download kept giving me a 'network error.'  I was able to circumvent this glitch by downloading each track separately from my Amazon music library.  
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2017-06-18 05:35 pm

New FMA fanfic on AO3

"Return to Amestris," my incredibly verbose and undeniably bizarre 203,224-word FMA fanfic, is now posted on AO3.  Rated Mature Audiences.  For any FMA addicts out there who are looking for something to read  ;D  

More fics coming in the future as I uncover them, from diverse fandoms.  ^_^;

This entry was originally posted at http://free-to-dream.dreamwidth.org/9112.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
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2017-06-16 11:43 pm

"The Road Goes Ever On"

This pic has a very special history.  It was done when the doctors last year said that my dear mother might have less than a week to live.  I painted her as Sam and myself as Frodo, standing together at the edge of eternity.  

There were so many strange feelings going through me when I was working furiously on this pic while Mom lay nearby, barely alive.  I alternated between working on the painting to ease my own tremendous stress, and lying on the foot of her bed with her, holding her legs as she suffered. The cancer had closed her throat almost completely, and if the proton beam therapy didn't work, she was going to die by strangulation. I remember repeatedly thinking that the picture should have a white ship, but if it had a white ship, she would surely sail on.

When the proton beam worked, they rang bells for her.  :)

(Story posted with Mom's permission)

Sam and Frodo at the edge of eternity