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 I've always loved the Watchers, they are the creepiest things!  I was so disappointed when the movies didn't cover them!  I had assumed Peter Jackson would have a field day with them, but as it stands the best movie treatment of them remains the Rankin-Bass animation.  Anyway, this illustration is brand new-- it seemed the right subject matter for the mood that's taken me of late. 

I made the Watchers in Carrara out of a slightly modified gargoyle mesh.  The eyes were programmed with a glow shader.  I used my older 7th-gen hobbit models in this image, so there was quite a bit of hand painting involved to correct all the errors.  I also used some fog and light Photoshop brushes.  My favorite aspect of this scene is the look of sheer defiance Sam's giving those Watchers!   :)  

The Two Watchers

Shelob 2016

Dec. 7th, 2016 05:03 pm
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Here is my latest rendition of Her Ladyship. I'm afraid I wouldn't have been as brave as Sam. I have arachnophobia!

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