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This is my attempt at Sam's initial carry of his master at Orodruin. There are actually three such scenes in the book: two while they are climbing the mountain, and one when Sam carries Frodo away from the Cracks of Doom. Each scene utilizes a different carrying pose. What I wanted to try to eke out of this one was a sense of the exhausted Frodo's absolute trust in his friend. He knows Sam will do the job if anyone can.

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With Frodo and Sam, it seems to be either heaven or hell! This was the first of my garden-inspired paintings. I had just finished the background and was trying to figure out how I wanted Frodo to be sitting with his book, when I felt the need for some new LOtR music. I went on YouTube where there are always new creations, and stumbled upon the studio recording of "Now and For Always," which I had never heard before.

After I revived, I worked furiously on this almost nonstop for three days.  Unfortunately, after I was finished I realized I had forgotten to add their foot hair  ^_^;

I use the language of flowers in all of my paintings.  Here the wisteria, which means many things, stands for courage, and so do the daffodils.  The forget-me-nots are self-explanatory, while the primroses mean love and "I will protect you."  The irises bring a touch of romance into the mix, as do the hyacinths, while the orange butterflies represent happiness and the white ones indicate pure innocence. 

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This is only my extrapolation of events after the end of the book. We all know that Sam eventually sailed West, to be reunited with Frodo on Tol Eressëa. I am glad that Tolkien left this beautiful scene to our imaginations. Here I have them sitting quietly together at the docks as they remember all the family and friends they have had to leave behind. The elf-light of this magical place was both difficult and fun to try to visualize, but my favorite part of doing this illustration was making Sam's foot hair ^_^

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