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This painting is dedicated to Elenya, whose epic fanfic "All That I Had" so beautifully depicts the last riding of the Ringbearers.  I can't find a current page for her, so if anyone knows her, perhaps they might forward this?

It is also intended, as is "Down From the Mountain," to eventually be a small portion of a much larger artwork set in the universe of an original fic I am currently working on.  In that universe, it is thousands of years in the future and LOtR has evolved into many versions and editions.  For one group of interplanetary colonists, the story has become a religion and the hobbits are like small fictional saints, to be invoked when the situation demands.  While this idea is not the main focus of my original sci fi story, but rather a detail, I'm really amused at all the little scenes it engenders!

Starting with this entry, I am trying to include higher res files in my posts.  Hope you like!  ^_^

The last riding of the Ringbearers

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