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Frodo and Sam reunited at last in the Blessed Realm.  :)  

The little empty rowboat symbolizes Sam's life in Middle-Earth, which he has now left.  The glowing orbs represent various Valar, Maiar, and maybe even some Ainur, appearing out of the void to witness this extraordinary event.  


I'd like to acknowledge here the incredible artistry of Meshbox, who crafted the geometry of the elven sailing ship.  

Frodo and Sam reunited in the Blessed Realm
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This is only my extrapolation of events after the end of the book. We all know that Sam eventually sailed West, to be reunited with Frodo on Tol Eressëa. I am glad that Tolkien left this beautiful scene to our imaginations. Here I have them sitting quietly together at the docks as they remember all the family and friends they have had to leave behind. The elf-light of this magical place was both difficult and fun to try to visualize, but my favorite part of doing this illustration was making Sam's foot hair ^_^

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