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Hello and Welcome! to this journal, devoted to my ongoing artistic relationship with the inspirational characters from "The Lord of the Rings."

I first read Tolkien's masterpiece when I was very young and in need of it without knowing, and it transported me into a world of love and grief and hope and beauty that I have never left behind. Even now that I am well into middle age, with thousands of books under my belt, the only other works I have read with which I am willing to compare it are sections of the Mahabharata and certain stories from the Puranas-- stately and ancient Sanskrit works of extreme beauty and power.

Since I first read the book I have been working on LOtR fan art, made only for my personal satisfaction, because I simply cannot help myself. There's just too much beauty in the story; I had to start painting or burst! While I have appreciated all of the various movie and television versions, my art has always been based solidly on the original book and my personal extrapolations from it, and most of it features Frodo and Sam, the dear companions of my youth, as I have envisioned and re-envisioned them over the years. Now, at this stage of my life, it's finally time to share the results of that long and wonderful journey. I hope you like it. 

Why Frodo and Sam? Why not the dashing Aragorn, or the ever-popular Legolas? Because the hobbits are the heart of the matter! Frodo and his gallant gardener are not the biggest, or the strongest, or the smartest, or the most handsome characters in the "Lord of the Rings." But they are by far the most courageous, and in some unexpected ways. Indeed, as Elrond informs them, the difficult task they face together, that we all face every day we live in this Middle-Earth, may be attempted by the weak as well as by the strong. The ultimate human conflict cannot be won by force of arms, but by the heart alone.

Empathy, compassion, unconditional love and selfless service-- the ability to recognize others as part of one's self, the ability to support our friends to the last breath and have mercy on those who betray us-- these defeat the evil of the human ego when it has grown too big. In Tolkien's world the planet Venus, our Star of Love, is Eärendil's Star, the Star of High Hope!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my little corner of Middle-Earth, however brief it may be. 'The Rules' are simple and commonsense. Everyone is welcome here, no exceptions. Diverse opinions are encouraged. Everyone has their own version of what Tolkien means to them and these versions can be very different. This is the mark of a great, enduring book which can withstand the test of time and apply itself to whatever human circumstance.  So be courteous.  Flaming and hate posts will be removed. And please don't hotlink to my fanart, but rather to the home page.

DISCLAIMER:  This website is my personal, non-commercial, artistic journal and NOT an official "Lord of the Rings" site, and it is NOT affiliated in any way with any official LOtR rights-holders.  I do not own any of these characters; they were created by J.R.R. Tolkien. The artworks and commentary posted here are a labor of love, not for profit, and intended to express my admiration for Tolkien's books and to encourage others to read and study the Professor's original works. 

Below:  "Imaginary Friends." 

     When I was a kid I would camp out under the stars with my invisible hobbit friends.

Date: 2017-01-06 03:56 am (UTC)
lavendertook: (bingo&sam)
From: [personal profile] lavendertook
Hello and well met!

Your artwork is beautiful! I will examine it some more as I get time and comment. I saw the one in Tol Eressea with Frodo and Sam on the dock posted by my friend lbilover some weeks ago.

How did you find my journal?

Date: 2017-01-07 01:28 am (UTC)
lbilover: (gardeners marry ring-bearers)
From: [personal profile] lbilover
Hello! *waves* Lavender Took pointed me here and I realized that you are the lovely person who did the fan art for Sowsed. I know I owe you a reply to your email. RL got messed up with my surgery which turned into two surgeries plus problems with my website (I'm having to move my stuff to AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Lbilover/). But I am going to follow you and I hope you will follow me back. You will be most welcome! I have many of my older fics posted here, btw.
Edited Date: 2017-01-07 01:30 am (UTC)

Re: Hi again ^_^ *waves back*

Date: 2017-01-07 02:49 pm (UTC)
lbilover: (i support frodo/sam)
From: [personal profile] lbilover
I have to spend some time going through your posts and admiring all your artwork. Thank you for linking to my essay. I love that you think along the same lines as I do and found even more examples of that connection between them.

And aww, I'm glad you liked Fourteen Days. It's a special fic to me.

If you don't mind, I'd like to let my friends here and at LJ know about your journal in case they want to friend you. We Frodo/Sam lovers have to stick together!!

Date: 2017-01-09 01:41 am (UTC)
addie71: (Default)
From: [personal profile] addie71
Hello. I'm here on a rec from Lbilover. Your artwork is beautiful and I would like be included in your circle.

I'm still mostly at Live Journal, but am trying to be more active here.
Edited Date: 2017-01-09 03:55 am (UTC)

Date: 2017-04-09 02:31 am (UTC)
sartorias: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sartorias
I'm not sure how you found my journal--especially as I am still very confused by Dreamwidth--but your artwork is just lovely!

Date: 2017-06-24 03:19 pm (UTC)
febobe: (HaveAgreedToCarry)
From: [personal profile] febobe
I hope you don't mind, but I gave you access to my journal and subscribed to yours (at least I hope I did that right)...I read your comment on Baranduin's entry, and came to see your journal, enjoyed your art, and noticed Shirebound was here, so at that point I figured you must be a very good person to know. :)

I'm more on the conservative side in many things, religion being one, but if you can bear to overlook that about me, I do write fanfiction (mostly Frodo-centric h/c), and a lot of other things, and sometimes I write about books and movies I've been enjoying. I am quite fond of your art, and I hope you will find those redeeming qualities enough to stand me. :) If not, just say the word and I'll slink away like Gollum, only without the nasty showing up again toward the end of the story part. ;)

In any case, thanks for making your art visible. :) It's very pleasant and interesting to see your interpretation. <3

Febobe :)
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