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Frodo captivated by Sam's heartfelt description of him in Ithilien. 

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 I've always loved the Watchers, they are the creepiest things!  I was so disappointed when the movies didn't cover them!  I had assumed Peter Jackson would have a field day with them, but as it stands the best movie treatment of them remains the Rankin-Bass animation.  Anyway, this illustration is brand new-- it seemed the right subject matter for the mood that's taken me of late. 

I made the Watchers in Carrara out of a slightly modified gargoyle mesh.  The eyes were programmed with a glow shader.  I used my older 7th-gen hobbit models in this image, so there was quite a bit of hand painting involved to correct all the errors.  I also used some fog and light Photoshop brushes.  My favorite aspect of this scene is the look of sheer defiance Sam's giving those Watchers!   :)  

The Two Watchers

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It's been a very stressful week for us here on the Fruit Fly Farm, with more to come, so I set aside my movie work and took a few hours yesterday to relax with our hobbit friends back in the Shire  :)  All my tension just melted away as I attempted to capture some of the sweetness and innocence of our beloved Sam!  

Making this was very interesting.  I wanted to explore how some of the newer CG technology might apply to my hobbit pictures, so I took my previous version of Sam and gave him an anime-style makeover.  His eyes and surfaces were all replaced with updated materials, including a highly detailed skin which is derived from photographs of a real person, and his hair (while never really being curly enough) is now dynamic, so it can blow with the wind! 

This render is unretouched-- no hand painting was needed.  

Sam in the garden looking wistfully on
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 A walk with friends through an enchanted land...  :)  

EDIT:  Posted now on AO3 for those who can't seem to view it here on Dreamwidth.  Please do let me know if you can view it over there  :)  

A walk through Middle Earth

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It's raining here again (and I am not going to complain... I do best in cool weather) but we have had a couple of dry days recently, and I finally managed to get outside to take some more photos of these dolls!
Left to right:  Asmus, Sideshow, and the 7" Deluxe Poseable Frodo by Toybiz.  Sorry Sam is MIA, but hopefully this pic will help hobbit shoppers anyway  ^_^;

Asmus, Sideshow and Toybiz Frodo
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I don't recall seeing any illustrations of Sam and Frodo's river mishap in the Old Forest, so I decided to try creating this scene.  I was pleased with the result, but unfortunately Merry and Pippin are both out of view!   ^_^

Sam rescues Frodo in the Old Forest

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Sorry I've been so silent of late. Kitty Mira left us Tuesday after a protracted illness, and the atmosphere around here has been dismal. She died suddenly in Mom's arms as we were transferring her to her carrier bed for yet another trip to the vet. Between Kitty's demise and politics, this painting is really the only one I'm in a mood to post. In Mordor, Sam helps the exhausted Frodo by offering him lembas.

Sam helps the exhausted Frodo by offering him lembas.


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